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The relentless monitoring of water level at Amburayan River

Water channels conducted by personnel of MDRRMO, BFP, SUDIPEN MPS together with the PDRRMO to assess the situation especially on risk areas.
Also the Emergency and Medical Response Unit inventoried, inspected, and prepositioned Rescue tools/equipments, Heavy Equipment and Rescue vehicles, and Stockpile of Medicines, and Family Food Packs.
Said undertaking was coninuosly conducted as the Local Govenrnment Unit’s preparedness measures for the threatening effects/impacts of Typhoon “Betty”.
Mayor Weng advises the public to follow advisories from the Local Government Unit as activities in the Amburayan River are suspended due to TY “Betty”, and to be always alert on possible flooding and rain-induced landslide especially those areas that are highly susceptible to these hazards.

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