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TOP ALLAN Tribute to Alexander “ALLAN” O. Buquing (1968-2018)

We take pride in welcoming you to TOP-ALLAN. Enjoy the serenity of a Sudipen Top. Enjoy the panoramic view of Nagpanawan, the majestic Amburayan River of the fabled Lam-ang, the nearby Bangar, Luna and Tagudin towns and the alluring West Philippine Sea. Enjoy the magnanimous emotions that Top-Allan can offer with the Sea-of-Clouds during the cool season and soothing breeze in summertime! But please take also the RESPONSIBILITY in observing utmost discipline to maintain the humility of this place. ALLAN would be most honored if you do.
ALLAN was at the Top of his servanthood as a humble top man of Sudipen when Angels carried him to the Topmost!

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