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Reorganizational Meeting and Oath Taking

Reorganizational Meeting and Oath Taking of Newly Elected Municipal Agricultural and Fishery (MAFC) & Sectoral Representatives of the Municipality.
MAFC Chairperson: Severino Soriano
Committee on Rice Chairperson: Eufresenio Moster
Committee on Poultry, Livestock & Corn:
Rogelio Ganaban Sr.
Committee on High Value Crops: Freddie Monis
Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture:
William Ventura
Committee on AFMECH: Robertino Nullar
Committee on International Trade and Export: Vicente Marcos Macanas
Committee on Climate Change: Renato Bacate
Committee on Food Value Chain & Logistic:
Olive Mateo
Committee on Urban Agriculture:
Evangeline Bangsoy
Congratulations to the newly MAFC Officers.


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