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SUDIPEN is envisioned to be the Home of Quality Bamboo Industry in Region I where unified, empowered and God-loving people enjoys a healthy, orderly, well managed environment and productive economy, inspired by transparent, participative, accountable and responsive leaders, strongly supported by citizenry.

Upliftment of a better quality of life of the people, through competent leadership and people’s active involvement, adoption of modern technology and proper utilization of resources


Latest News & Events

Panakaiwaras Dagiti PPEs and SOPA Kits para Kadagiti Barangay

Panakaiwaras Dagiti PPEs and SOPA Kits para Kadagiti Barangay

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Distribution of Tilapia Fingerlings to Backyard Fishpond Operators

Distribution of Tilapia Fingerlings to Backyard Fishpond Operators

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Sudipen Foundation Anniversary Sept. 14, 2020

Sudipen Foundation Anniversary Sept. 14, 2020

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O, patgek Ili nakayanakak, nakautangak ti ayat,

Ubbog kinatalna ken ragsak, naitalimeng kinaimbag,

Dinekdekada a tawen, kinasudim naipenpen,

Dagitoy nangtubay, nangtaraken,

Umili ti Sudipen,



Intay amin itandudo, nasudi, napalungdo

Sudipen, O, Nagasat a dagak

Saguday mo di manasanas

O, Apo Dios, agyamankam,

Ket idaldalan nakam


Sudipen naimas a matmatan,

Karayan Amburayan

Rigasyon pay ti pagtaudan, taltalon pagbakanangan,

Banbantay ken ar-arubayan, kaykayo namulaan,

Aglawlaw nadulas pul-oy na,

O Supiden napintas ka


Nagpaiduma a panagserbi, tattao nga umili

Panagadal dida met maudi, sakripisyo naipatli

Gapu’t ayat, talna, ken ragsak,

panagprogreso ti biag,

Tapno an-annak maidalan, namnama ti pagilian

History of Sudipen

Sudipen is the northernmost town of the Province of La Union separated by the Amburayan River from the Province of Ilocos Sur.

According to a story which happened during the Spanish period, the town got its name when a group of Spanish soldiers reached barrio Nagpanaoan, now called Old Central. These soldiers came upon old folks who were repairing the roof of the barrio hall. One of the soldiers asked the name of the place. They did not understand what was the soldier was saying, but they still thought that the soldier wanted to know what was going on, so the eldest among the barrio folks answered: “suksukdipan mi toy abong apo,” meaning, “we are patching the roof, sir”. The soldiers noted the word “Sukdipan” and the word stayed on record for some time. Subsequently, under the American regime, the word sukdipan was changed to Sudipen, hence the name of the town.

Early settlers of the municipality belonged to the cultural minorities from Mountain Province. Remnants of these groups, mostly belonging to the Kankaney and Bago tribes, can still be found in mountain barangays.

Contact Information


Municipality of Sudipen Poblacion, Sudipen, La Union, 2520 Philippines

Emergency Hotlines

Mayors Office: 607-3088










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